Dr. Kelsch is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist, who treats adults and children offering comprehensive therapy for all disorders of the head and neck. Dr. Kelsch strives to provide the very best treatment by spending a great deal of time focusing and listening to your problems, and tailoring an individualized plan for an exceptional patient experience. His expertise includes the following surgeries:

Preoperative InstructionsBalloon SinuplastyAudiology / Hearing LossEndoscopic Sinus SurgeryThyroidectomy and ParathyroidectomyHead and Neck Cancer SurgeryNeck Dissection and lymph node removalSkin Cancer Removal and Cosmetic ReconstructionTonsillectomy and AdenoidectomyMyringotomy Tube PlacementSeptoplasty and Nasal ValvuloplastyTympanoplasty Mastoidectomy

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